Thursday, July 18, 2019

What is UIF?

Employers must pay unemployment insurance contributions of 2% of the value of each worker’s pay per month. The employer and the worker each contribute 1%.
So, as an employee make sure that on your payslip you see the UIF deduction; because this will mean that should you become unemployed then you can go to the Department of Labour and claim your UIF benefits while you look for your next job.
Who can claim for UIF benefits?
A person can claim UIF benefits when their contracts of employment are ended under the following circumstances:
Fixed term contract expires (contract comes to an end)
You can also claim for UIF while on an unpaid maternity leave and if you have adopted a baby under the conditions described in the Child Care Act and the baby is under 2 years old.
Only one partner or spouse may claim if a couple adopts.
How to claim?
Step 1:  Gather the following documentation: completed UI-19 form (your previous employer needs to provide you with this), your SA ID or passport and proof of banking.
Step 2: Go to your nearest Department of Labour (DOL) Center and hand in all the documents.
Step 3: Follow the instructions that are requested by the staff at Department of Labour Center.
What is the time limit?
You must apply for benefits within 6 months after giving birth, adopting a child or after the termination of employment ends. It also has to be before you go back to work or find new employment.

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