Wednesday, June 26, 2019

'Men United' trying to get guys talk about domestic violence

Today we had Sivenathi Ntshwanti, founder of Men United in our studio. Men United is an organisation facilitating talk groups for men that committed domestic violence.

Sive shared his personal history. He beated his girlfriends a couple of years ago. After their child was born he realised he was wrong. He felt the need to talk about the wrong he did and invited other guys to talk about the issue. With his talk groups he wants to get guys talking, not only about domestic violence but also daily life.

He made also a documentary about it called 'Men United', trying to create more awareness about domestic violence. The talk groups got a lot of attention, there is a core group of some 8 guys but sometimes the group gets as big as 20 guys.

Sive also got negative reactions, because he is not including women in the talk groups. But he thinkgs then that the effect of guys finally freely speeking about the actions they did, their emotions, ... would go away. But he likes to make Men United a bigger project, that might include sessions with women also.

Domestic violence is a big issue in South Africa and most men don't even realise they are being violent. Even pointing or raising your voice to your girlfriend or woman is a way of violence because you are exploiting gender equality.

If you want to get in contact with Sive or Men United you can reach him on his cellphone: 082 361 5823 or on his facebook profile.

Watch the documentary below:

Text & video by Dries Hiroux

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