Friday, April 26, 2019

Tracing the Consequences of Child Poverty

"Tracing the consequences of child poverty: evidence from the Young Lives study in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam" is a book that displays 15 years of research to explore how poverty shapes children's well being and development and how data can inform social policy and practice approaches to improving outcomes for poorer children.

As many countries in the world, South Africa and his children suffer from poverty as well. We spoke to Andy Dawes who is the co-author of the book and an Associate Professor Emeritus at University of Cape Town (UCT) to see how poverty affect our children.

Poverty is truly a scourge in South Africa and it starts before the birth of the child. The pregnant mother who is poor, cannot feed herself with proper nutritious food and cannot have access to good health care service so she will see her baby growing with physical and psychological issues: the age of the baby won't correspond with the physical growth.

Once that poor child reaches 3 or 4 years-old, it's pre-school time, but for lack of sufficient funds, the child cannot receive a quality education so his/her intellectual development is compromised. Poor children experience the weakest pre-school ever.

That poor male or female child is an adolescent. He/she might drop out of school, get pregnant, become a gangster, get expose to alcohol and drugs consumption, being unemployed.....

We can make a difference said Professor Andy by implementing policies and giving good services to the most vulnerable of the community and a particular attention should be on the education, quality education in which pupils learn skills to use in life and where teachers get support to teach well.

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                                             By: Panphil Tshisumpa

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