Friday, April 26, 2019

Child Maintenance Difficulties South Africa

Parents have responsibilities when it comes to their children. One of the main responsibility is to contribute to the maintenance of the child, that includes the provision towards a child's clothing, housing, dental and medical care, and education.

As it takes two people to make a child, both parents must maintain the child and according to the needs of the child and it's only cease when the child can support him/herself.

Surprisingly, to look after their own children seems to be an issue for some parents and to receive child maintenance give birth to many difficulties. We spoke to Felicity Guest who is the the Founder of Child Maintenance Difficulties South Africa.

Child Maintenance Difficulties South Africa (CMDSA) was founded in July 2014 out of Felicity's own experience. The maintenance Act was so frustrating that she decided to create a platform where single parents will know and understand the process of getting a judge to deliver an Act of maintenance and to be a voice for those who don't have resources.

With 17000 members now, CMDSA helps to fight the injustices that women face when attempting to seek financial support through the maintenance court system, but continue to be ignored, maltreated and their court ordered maintenance agreements not honored.

"Women, don't need to play nice or right to get what their children deserves".

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