Thursday, April 25, 2019

Atlantic Hope

Atlantic Hope was founded by Marilyn May in 2010 as a safety house for vulnerable babies, providing temporary and immediate placement within a safe and loving environment. It provides basic development, physical and mental care; medical needs are prioritized and babies are fed, kept warm, and given affection in a stable house.
We received Dani in the studio, a passionate woman from Atlantic Hope to talk about the work they have been doing for the babies.
Since 2010, Atlantic Hope is growing in a way that 80 babies have been placed in our care. We can look after 6 babies at one time according to the Law and we keep them for a short time: less than a year. The goal is to find placement for them as fast as possible at a permanent place. Each baby has a particular story and each of them brings a different experience of love and attachment to us. One particular story of hope is when we found a place in Germany for triplets...
Marylin May has given her own home, to house those vulnerable babies and we have carers who look after the babies 24 hours." Imagine a house with six babies"
 We need every one to be a part of this through any donations.
To the mothers out there, you don't need to throw away your baby, you have options, you have places where you can leave your angel.

For more information contact
Tel: 021 434 8514

                                      By: Panphil Tshisumpa

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