Friday, February 22, 2019

I Turn Away And She Was Gone

"I Turn Away And She Was Gone" is the story of three incarnations of women: a daughter, a mother and an old crone. It's the journey of how a woman goes from childhood, a period of beauty, irresponsibility, dependence, ignorance to become a mature, a grown  independent woman and being able to face the strange realities of life to later on, become an old woman.
Time has an effect on all of us and through it we become different, we change. One day, you are a small child with all your beauty and hopes, the next thing, adulthood knocks on your door, you have responsibilities now and then you look on the past just to realize how things had changed. Your past beauty has evolved....The future is not reassuring as well, you grow crone with wrinkles.
Through this journey, you learn to grow and realise from your mistakes and not being to overprotected. The only way the daughter can grow is by leaving her mother to explore on her own, to become independent.
Jennie Reznek is the author of the novel. She said to us that her main message is to people to embrace change, to accept transformation because we all lose something with time. 

This novel is very relevant to our everyday lives. It is an very easy read as well. 
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                                               By: Panphil Tshisumpa

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