Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Dare to Thrive - not just Survive

We spoke to Alta Smith from Tiana-Leigh Lung Foundation.

The foundation was established with the need to assist individuals faced with rare lung diseases and lighten the burden of stress and medical cost their families encounter.

Tiana-Leigh was born with a rare disease and given eight weeks to live and today she is twelve with a positive go getter courageous attitude, who is very passionate about animals, arts and craft and yet she’s looking for no empathy or pity.

She is involved with fallen angels and rescues the new black irrespective of the life threatening illness that she is face with. She has a wish list which can be followed via Tiana Into Creating.
The foundation is looking for volunteers and assistance. Alta adds: “every person has their own battle and to that person that battle is real, the battle is difficult whether mental of physical that battle is real whether you face it lying down or standing up”

For more information contact:
Alta:  061 231 8102

By: Jasnine Roberts

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