Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Today we spoke spoke to Zandisile Nojilana and Fezile Mgwelana founders of Hustle Gang-Cpt. Hustle Gang-Cpt is a Non Profit initiative that was started in March 2016 with a purpose to benefit the underprivileged communities. The main aim is to get as much youth involve in charity work in order to work to decreasing the high rate of unemployment and change the mind set of how people think to better their futures.

 Hustle Gang-Cpt will be having an event for the elderly people today at Sizamile Old Age Home, as elderly folks needs to feel loved as well and this is there way of showing appreciation to our elderly people.

For more information or to get involve contact:

FaceBook: Hustle Gang-Cpt

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We spoke to Craig from the Sea Rescue around safety this festive season. Sea Rescue has been around since 1967 it is a volunteer based organisation, but are highly skilled. They have 37 stations around the country and are on duties 24 hours a day around the year.  

The key message if you are pulled by a rip current, just stay calm till the sea be comes calmer and then just keep moving your arms and legs and scream and draw attention towards someone to help you, hence it is important to learn more about rip current.

For more information contact:


Dail 112 from your cellphone.

Today we spoke to Sharon Cox from Triangle Project which is a non profit organisation that fights for the rights of the LGBTIQ Group. They’ve been around for 40 years and existed in different forms in the past.

Triangle is an organisation that works towards a society that is free of discrimination and predigests against LGBTIQ, hence spaces such as Triangle should be created.

The services provided at Triangle are Health and support services, Community engagement and empowerment and Research, advocacy and policy programme.

For more information contact:

Tel: 081 257 6693
Helpline: 021 712 6699
Twitter: @TriangleOrg

Facebook: Triangle Project 

By: Jasnine Roberts

Friday, December 09, 2016


Today we spoke to Franklin Esau aka Frank E a facilitator/ life coach at the Smiling One Foundation about his new single released called Chucks featuring with Toya G and Mack.

Frank E is a Hip Hop artist originally from Elsies River that has used music as something where he can express himself in, hence music has become apart of him, he has learned a lot of things through music as to what you are exposed to in the everyday life. Music has become a tool on to pull him back from all the challenges that have presented themselves through out his life.

The inspiration behind the song Chucks is how he used to grow up, as chucks will always trend, it is about the community and how you need to take it back to where you came from. He then asked Toya G and Mack that is part of the youth that he has been grooming to collaborate with him. The song was created in the CMD, where he found Rocks Delton from UCT who documented his life story and shot the music video of the song chucks, as it is featured in Michell’s Plain, Belhar, Elsies River and Ocean View.

For more information contact:


Facebook: Frank E


We spoke to Colleen and Charmaine from Good Hope Foundation. Good Hope Foundation is a non profit organisation that is passionate about the development of the communities, and decreasing the high rate of drug abuse, poverty ect. They have  been in existence for 17 years and serves towards lot of projects that is for operation feeding schemes.

They look for where the biggest need lays and this festive season they looking at putting some smiles and joy in the lives different communities.

They are seeking the help of everyone to give back to the community in order to make the festive season special to those who are under privileged.

They will have a few events taking place: 

9 December: Good Hope Foundation will be at Tygerberg Hospital putting up Christmas Trimmings for cancer suffering patients.

13 December: They will be at Millicent Gunt   

15 December: At Bonteheuwel at the old age home.

16 December: It will be a family day at Vygieskraal.

23 December: There will be a 3 course meal.

Do get involved, for more information contact: 

Tel: 021 696 6133
Facebook: Good Hope Foundation

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


Today we spoke to Naeemah Simons the Author of the book called I Am A Survivor.

Naeemah is a Social Auxiliary Worker that discovered the passion for writing in high school. She felt she need to debrief herself in some way and that’s how the idea to start writing I am a survivor came about. Naeemah bestow her writing as a gift, as it is exhaling to her, it is an opportunity to connect with people and tell their stories.

I am a survivor is a non fiction book, that speaks about real life situations such as abuse, rape, drug misuse, teenage pregnancy ect. The moral of the book is that everyone is a survivor regardless of your situation / circumstances.

The cover of the book symbolizes: black is the cocoon that everyone is in with all the challenges that you face, the negativity in your life. And the butterfly is the positivism in your life and the day you break free.

The book is an easy read.

For more information or to get in touch contact:

Tel: 074 195 4317
Facebook: I am a survivor

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Every Tuesday Sakhisizwe focuses on any thing related to Human Rights and Today we spoke with Abigel Sheridan the founder of Chic Mamas do care organisation telling us about the Exclusive Fashion Exchange parties where they sell donated no longer wanted garments from boutique to designer labels, and they also do swapping of clothes in a party atmosphere.

Just to tell you more about Chic Mamas do care organisation, the organisation is made up by Mama's who are concerned about the children of South Africa and their future, they created a chic, fun and ethical way of fundraising, to support education and educational projects in under privileged areas of this beautiful country.

For more Information Contact:
Abigel Sheridan
FaceBook: Chic Mamas Do Care
Mobile: 0837159308.

By Donald Puza.
Today we spoke with Alicia, carol and the founder of Beauty for Ashes organisation Stephanie Van Wyk telling us more about the wonderful work that the organisation does in the lives of ex-convict, as Alicia and Carol told us about their life of crime drug addiction and their life after Beauty for Ashes assisted them.

To elaborate more, Beauty for Ashes organisation assist prisoners leaving prison on parole by running two Half way Houses in Observatry, the half way houses help and assist women with challenges of re-entering society after prison by providing education and training to procure meaning work by addressing emotional, psychological and physical needs and negotiate family re-unification in order to prevent a return to crime, if you want to be involve in this phenomenal initiative you are more than welcome.

For more information contact:
Stephanie Van Wyk
Tell: 021 447 0823
Mobile: 082 862 5505

By Donald Puza

Monday, December 05, 2016


We spoke to Jooste Vermeulen a director at the Organ Donor Foundation.  Organ Donor Foundation is a non profit organisation of which the main aim is to do public awareness around transplantation to try to get people to give consent for organ donations of their love ones They get the public to become organ donors and to inform there families that they are a donor.

There are two ways that you can donate organs, which the one is a live donation and that’s mostly place when a love one or family is in need of a kidney transplant, if you are a match.

The other one occurs when you have passed on, where you can donate your heart, lungs, liver, kidney, tissue ect. However you can help up to 50 people just with the tissue, but the difficult part is where the family hasn’t been inform that you are an organ donor, which makes it hard to get consent.

For more information contact:

Tel: 0800 22 66 11

Friday, December 02, 2016

Support Local Talent- Sakhisizwe Building


We spoke to Yonelisa Wambi his is a Soul Artist from Gugulethu. Yonelisa’s passion for music grow at a young age in church, where he then took on the roll of playing a guitar as that was the first instrument that pulled his attention.

His motivation is his love for music that he doesn’t want to stop doing what he loves; nature plays a roll as well and the face that he get to meet new people everyday.

Yonelisa is very humble and open to new things and he just has that excitement with in that he release through his music. Yonelisa writes his own music where he bring out the diversity he is part of a rainbow nation. The biggest influence in his life would be the people he meets in his everyday day life.

Shorty was performed live for the first time on Bush Radio 89.5FM by Yonelisa Wambi and this songs is targeted at all age groups and talks to the soul indeed.

The message that Yonelisa portray though his music is hope and a new mind as we are so court up in our own problems, where there is people living with us and we should build communities through forgetting all the negativity and focusing on the positive side of things.

IKasi Festive Kick Start will be hosting there event tomorrow 3 December 2016, at 16:00pm in Gugulethu Tankiso Hall where a variety of artist will perform such as Hip Hop artist, Dancers, Singers, Rusk Coffee, Trompie ect including Yonelisa will also be performing. A ticket goes for R20.00

For more information contact:

FaceBook: Yonelisa Wambi
Tel: 063 525 4425

By: Jasnine Roberts 

Thursday, December 01, 2016

We spoke to Gregory Player from Clean C. Clean C Generate opportunities through entrepreneurship by creating sustainable employment to enrich, educate, empower and inspire through uplifting communities to be free from crime and dream big by applying hard work to take ownership to do things themselves, so it becomes part of their lifestyles.   
Clean C started off 4 years ago cleaning up the beaches in Blouberg areas and took the concept of community volunteer star work and started expanding and diversifying on the projects.  Clean C has a verity of projects that they are involved with that helps with the high unemployment in South Africa.

The biggest aim of Clean C is for the youth to just dream big and work hard and excel as individuals.

Clean C will be having an beach clean up on the 3 December 2016, at 10:00 am at Blouberg Table View

For more information contact: 

Facebook: Cape Town Beach Clean Up
Tel: 082 873 1962
Reading is key- Sakhisizwe Building The Nation


Today we spoke to Dorothy Dyer from The Fundza Literacy Trust about their two free courses for comprehension and understanding poetry.

The Fundza Literacy Trust is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to improving literacy among teens and young adults throughout South Africa.

The Fundza Literacy Trust believes just what its name say’s that literacy is the most important thing for academic, reading is so powerful for personal development in ways of looking at the world and to understand your self as well.

So often people don’t have access to books, hence Fundza makes reading popular and entertaining so you will be able to just use a device ( phone, tablet ect) to read.

The content Fundza provides is about the everyday challenges, excitement you as an individual go through, to make people want to read more.

Fundza has a book reproduction programme as well, the key point that Dorothy spoke about is that you have a whole library on your phone and the aim is to develop the passion for reading. The started target audience is from 13 years of age.   

Go check out the free courses available comprehension and understanding poetry.

To access these stories just go on

For more information or the sign up processes go on:

Facebook: The Fundza Literacy Trust
Twitter: @fundzaclub
Tel: 021 709 0688

By: Jasnine Roberts

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Today we spoke with Patricia Christian, Yolanda George and Lynette Oliver from New world Organisation that works in Lavender Hill and in the surroundings communities near Cape Town, they were telling us about their wonderful works and The Prevention In Action Campaign that will happen on the 3nd of December 2016.

The organisation Facilitate development and supports the people and the communities in Lavender Hill, the Prevention In Action Campaign is about prevent Violence Against Women and to have a large day long awareness raising event on the Blode Street open field in Lavender Hill referred to as the Battle Field. On that day the battle field will be transformed into a safe entertainment spaces with a stage with (2) well known entertainers.

If you want to support the initiative you are more welcome

For more information contact:

Website: www.NewWorldFoundation.
Tel: 021 701 1150
Mobile: 082 860 8101

By Donald Puza


Today we spoke to Boet Patrick from Sonké Gender Justice, about the Gender Based Violence research findings that were done in Diepsloot on Monday in partnership with Witwaterrand University.

“Wits-Sonke study reveals alarming levels of men’s violence against women in Diepsloot “The survey was conducted with 2600 men in Diepsloot, which are between the ages of 18-40 years, who lives in shacks or single rooms the survey was done as part of the Sonké Change Trail, 56% of the men that done the survey have reported that they have either raped or beaten a woman.

The research showed that men that has experience abuse in there childhood were likely to use violence against woman in there adulthood. Some of the contributing factors are signs of alcohol and gender roles.

Boet Patrick also speaks about the motions around manhood that are embanked around the norms that are a warring factor, and what was also picked up is the exposure of young people to violence.  

This issue is not only affecting Diepsloot, but is a nation wide problem. Let’s take a stand against violence #CountMeIn.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We spoke to Abdulrahman Yakubu from Alnoor Orphanage Centre is a children’s home, it is a facility that takes care of abused, HIV/AIDS infected and affected children.

They have programmes that empower these children through education, gardening, creative arts, health and HIV awareness projects in place. They do everything in there power to provide the basic needs of the child.

To get on board and so your support contact:

Facebook: Alnoor Orphanage Centre
Tel: 021 447 8472

 By: Jasnine Roberts
Today we spoke with Sinethemba Dangazele from Tomlat Children's Foster Care organisation and the Founder of the organisation Thobeka Mapapu. They were telling us more about their phenomenal work they do in assisting children, raising orphans and the event that will happen on the 3of December 2016 at 18:30 till 21;00 in their residential area Malunga park, 1Thandeka street in Gugulethu.

The aim of the event is to raise funds for Children, that is why they called it Fundraising Dinner.
If you want to support this initiative you are more than welcome, the event Tickets are available, they have only 100 Tickets to sell they still had 30 more to go.

For more information contact:

By Donald Puza

Today we spoke to Seehaam from Women Legal Centre. Women Legal Centre is a non profit law that seeks to achieve equality for women. They focus on the rights to equality, sexual health to reproduction, the level of gender base violence, relationship, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment and their focus is also on HIV/ AIDS as women are more affected by the virus.

The Women Legal Centre has represented a range of women in the court where they try to bring about equal rights to theses women, irrespective where it is. WLCE has challenged different laws around labour rights, relation to policy and the impact on women. They mostly focus on public interest cases or on how to bring better access to women. All there serves is free to women.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 424 5660
Facebook: Women Legal Centre

By: Jasnine Roberts

Monday, November 28, 2016


We spoke to Melissa Dolan and Marianne Nondon from The South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) speaking to us about the Walk for Humanity.

The walk for humanity is a fundraising to keep the projects at SARCS stainable, which involve communities; the walk is in aid of all HIV/AIDS and TB patients so the projects, programs and feeding of patients on medication can continue.

The event will take place on the 4 December 2016, at 07:00am – 15:00pm at the Princess Vlei, by the nature reserve.

The event is a fun day for the family, with entertainment; potjie kos competition, face painting and much more.

The event is a time for you to enjoy nature with your family, improve your health. The 5km walk cost R45.00 and the 10km R55.00 and for children younger than 13 years the event is free. Everyone is welcome.

For more information contact:

Facebook: SARCSWP
Twitter: @SARCSWP
Tel: 021 797 5360



We spoke to Leigh Goldschmidt Event Consultant at St. Luke’s Hospice speaking to us more about the Annual Tree Lights Ceremony.

“St Luke’s is about people touching people in a way that will hold them for a life time. The first touch of calming hand, the second a finger wipes away those tears, that warm embrace, that special smile, the reassuring glance, and that nod to say that it’s over now but that everything is going to be okay. The Hospice is a non-profit organisation that has been committed to serving the needs of the community of the Greater Cape Town area for over 30 years. They provide palliative nursing and medical care for over 900 patients with life-threatening illnesses, and support for their families.”

Tree of Lights Ceremony is being held this year for the 27th time. In the gardens of St.Lukes there will be a 5 storey pine tree, it is also the 2nd highest in the world. It is an event where family and friends can come together to remember their love ones.

The tree will be lit at 20:00pm. There will be a pop up market, where you can purchase this. Jeremy Olivier will also be part of the event.
The money that is raised will be utilized towards improving things for the patients at St.Luke’s Hospice.

The ceremony will start at 17:00 pm to 20:00 pm on the 4 December 2016.

For more information contact Leigh Goldschmidst:

Tel: 021 797 5335

       072 447 1600

Friday, November 25, 2016


Today we spoke to MichaelAngelo Abrahams the founder of MUTE (Multi United Talented Entertainers), artist and street artist performer.

His passion is to work with the youngsters through inspiring them to become more than what they can be.
What makes him a successful artist is the fact that he believes in himself and speaks positive towards himself.

The thing that inspires him when he paints is reality, everyday experiences; he wants you as an individual to find your own story in his paintings. He dedicates his time free of charge to assist the youth of different communities to find themselves and grow as an individual.

MUTE is a platform for different types of artists to showcase their talents. MUTE takes place every Friday.

For more information contact:

Facebook: MichaelAngelo Abrahams

Thursday, November 24, 2016

We spoke to Anthea Bendie and Yolanda Bomvana from Action Volunteers Africa (AVA) which is a non profit organisation that was started in 2012 with the focus of using volunteering as a tool for the youth as unemployment is so high, where they connect the youth towards opportunities.  

There main aim is to make youth more employable for the work place through programmes like Self Development, Literasea, Work for Progress, the Self Development programmes entail Breaking believe by your dancer, Art’s and Body Maps.

The Year Beyond programmes is looking for volunteers between the ages of 18-25 years, which has a 60% in Maths or 60% in Pure Maths and 60% in English rate. You will receive a stipend of R2000.00 towards transport. This initiative is implemented in 22 schools already.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 761 3813 / 021 761 1899

To apply for the Year Beyond Project go on: and for any updates visit there facebook page: Yearbeyond.

They looking for a 140 volunteers, give back to your community.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We spoke to Christy Zinn from Womensnet Organisation.

Womensnet organisation is a non profit organisation that advocate for womens rights online as well as information for communication tools through the work they do. The organisation builds leardership and strengthening through social change. They run workshops that build capacity for women.

For 16 day’s of activism against women and children Womensnet are partnered with take back the tech, where they will be having a webiner on facebook.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 782 8816
Twitter: @womensnet-za
Facebook: Womensnet

By: Jasnine Roberts

We spoke to Hazel Bowen from SA Association of Women Graduates, speaking to us about the documentary of Alison Botha’s traumatic incident that occurred in 1994.

The South African Association of Women Graduates is an affiliate of the International Federation of University Women and is a non profit organisation that is devoted to empower women. SA Association of Women Graduates, empowering women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision making and peace making platforms.

The film speaks about the brutal attack that occurred on December in 1994, where Alison was abducted by two men then raped, stabbed in the abdomen several times, disembowelled and her throat cut.  She was left for death, but somehow managed to find her way back to the road where she collapsed, when a car came across her body.

The screening of the documentary will take place the 26 November 2016, at 14:00 @ the Labia Theatre, 68 Orange Street, Cape Town.

The proceeds raised through the documentary will be utilised for a project called gender for creative writing for school going girls, the theme is around human rights and gender equality.

Book your tickets on quicket and tickets go for R65.00.

For more information contact:

Twitter: @SAAWG_ORG
Facebook: SAAWG.ORG
Tel: 021 447 8989

       082 851 0835

By: Jasnine Roberts

Monday, November 21, 2016

World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease on the 23rd November 2016.

We spoke to Professor Keertan Dheda Head Division of Pulmonology speaking on COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  COPD is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe. "Progressive" means the disease gets worse over time.

The leading cause of COPD is due to smoking, most people who have COPD smoke or used to smoke. Long-term exposure to other lung irritants—such as air pollution, chemical fumes, or dust, TB and HIV may also contribute to COPD.

When you smoke the tiny air sacks in the lungs gets destroyed, over time the disease will become more serve if you do not quit smoking.

Some of the symptoms are difficult in breathing or shortness of breath, coughing and the immune system gets weak/ weakening the lungs, chest infections/ tightness. This disease is not curable, but treatment is available.

For more information contact:

Friday, November 18, 2016


Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Isryl Flo-Don a Poet from Belhar.

Isryl Flo – Don’s poetry started at the age of 17 years and his name consists out of 3 forms, Isryl is an affiliation between him and his brothers have with one another, where ryl stands for revolutionary young lords and Flo is in honour of his brother that passed away as his name was Florenzo.

At the age of 17th he just started reading more books on Steve Biko, Martin Luther King and Chris Hanie ect and started gaining a passion for himself and the inspiration of putting ink to paper.

Isryl Flo-Don’s poetry is deep and inspirational as it speaks about life challenges and struggles he had to overcome.

For more information:

Tel: 062 419 3793
Facebook: Isryllackoutlaw


Thursday, November 17, 2016


Today on Sakhisizwe we spoke to Thami Mathebula a 20 year old entrepreneur of Platinum Republic and Holmes the Creative a 23 year old artist.

Platinum Republic was established a year and 4 months ago, as a platform for upcoming talent in South Africa, to showcase there work.

Holmes the Creative who is a painter that works with Platinum Republic, and has experience a lot through the organisation such as growth in all aspects.

If you have a dream you need follow it and listen to yourself and you have to have people to listen to you and take risks is the message this young entrepreneur want to give to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Holmes the Creative will be having an event coming up with Jitsvinger and Mavin Africa on a production called smortjies en smoothies.

For more information contact:


Monday, November 14, 2016

Improve Your Heart- Sakhisizwe Building the Nation/ Bou die Nasie


We spoke to Dr. Liesl Zühlke Paediatric Cardiologist about heart diseases. Often we wonder what a heart disease is or what bring on these discomforted. Dr.Liesl explains a heart disease is often used interchangeably with the term cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack, chest pain or stroke.

Preventable measures will be, Blood pressures, Weight control, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol and quit Smoking or the use of Tobacco.

For more information:


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fuel2Grow Battle of Wits- Sakhisizwe Building the Nation/ Bou die Nasie


Today we spoke to Heather van Wyk from Ikamva Labantu, speaking to us more about the Fuel2Grow fundraiser.

On Saturday, 19 November 2016, the Fuel2Grow fundraising initiative by Ikamva Labantu will be adding some fun and sparkle to a family day not to be missed.

It will be a fun day for children to challenge adults where they will go head to head with general knowledge quizzes and where audience will have multiple opportunities to donate to the Fuel2Grow campaign.

 The aim of the initiative is to raise funds for vulnerable children in the townships to bring holistic care, such as education, food, schooling support and clothing, tools to grow to be successful in life.

For more information contact:

TEL: 021 461 8338

Friday, November 04, 2016

We are all from African Continent- Sakhisizwe Building the Nation/ Bou die Nasie


Ntlantla Siduka aka Naptune a hip hop artist from Langa spoke to us today on how he found the love for music. Naptune connected with music at a very young age back in primary school and ever since then music has been a part of him.

We play his tracks on the radio for the first time called Walala Wasala which speaks about the struggles you have gone true and how we are all apart of an African Continent. One Hunnid will be release this afternoon and this song relates about where you come from and everyone can jive along with the song as it has a fresh beat to it.

The message that he wants to portray though his music is for people to never give up and always chase your dreams.

If you want to know more about Naptune contact him via:

Facebook: Naptune the killer

Twitter: @naptune the killer   

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Woman empowerment- Sakhisizwe Building the Nasie / Bou die Nasie


Anthea Swift and Lindy from Women for Africa, a non profit volunteering organisation run by women to empower women, through working what is breaking them down in order to grow and become better independent individuals.

 Women for Africa was started in 2002 to become a space for women to come together where they can address life issues or challenges that they are face with, but do not  know how to deal with them.

Women for Africa has various programmes how you can get involve such as: Women within circles, Open Circles and Workshops & Weekends. This programme helps women to challenge each other on how to come out of the situation stronger.

For more information contact:

Facebook: Woman for Africa

Email: Claire Christie -

Monday, October 31, 2016

Know Your Body- Sakhisizwe Building the Nation/ Bou die Nasie.

Professor Michael C Herbst Health Specialist from Cancer Association South Africa (CANSA) spoke to us more about the importance of Cancer.

Know your body, so you know how to compare yourself over each week. Stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself. Red flags could be any change in colour, any rash in the skin, in the shape of the body, any change in your appearance of your breast and in the colour of your urine. Your first detection would be your own monthly examine, going for a mammogram from the age of 40 years regularly.

Reduce the risk of cancer by watching what you put in your body, eg: do not smoke, get the necessary help, whether it is the e-cigarette, hubble pipe and snuff ect, abstain from the use of alcohol and stay out of the sun from 10am to 3pm to avoid melanoma which is more common in people of colour and avoid process food/ meat, drink clean fresh water.  

For more information contact:

Tel: 0800 226 622  

Strokes don’t ask for age or gender –Sakhisizwe Building the Nation/ Bou die Nasie


Gabriel Eksteen Registered Dietitian from Heart and Stroke Foundation speaking to us more on Strokes, as Strokes week is celebrated from the 28 October to 3 November.

A stroke is also known as a “brain attack” and can injure the brain like a heart attack can injure the heart. It happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted. When that happens, part of the brain doesn’t get the blood and oxygen it needs, causing damage and results in the person experiencing the symptoms of stroke.

Strokes don’t ask for age or genders, meaning it can happen to anyone, some of the common facts are blood pressure is to high, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyles, your weight and when your heart beats to fast or to slow.

You can have fatal strokes, mini strokes before you have a bigger one. Strokes are treatable, so Gabriel advice you to get to the hospital as soon you experience a stroke to better your chances.

The theme this year is Face the Fact, strokes is treatable to better awareness access and action.
Agronomy Fast to help you look out for signs. F- Face (if you see the one side of there eye is tweaking or mouth drools, A- Arm (one arm is weaker than the other), S-Speech (when you speak with a slurp) and T- Time (get to the hospital asap)  

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 422 1586

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Positive Change- Sakhisizwe Building A Nation/ Bou Die Nasie


I spoke to Bianca Van Rooi CSI Coordinator of My Earth Community. My Earth Community is a CSI (Cooperate Social Investments) initiative of Temo Consulting run in urban and rural sectors. Keisie Youth Summer Festival is one of the initiatives that take place in the Keisie Valley which is a small town just outside Montague.

Keisie Youth Summer Festival will take place the 17 December 2016 just outside Montague.

Through the cooperative they plan on making improvements to the physical environment, to bring employment opportunities through government tenders and to provide after-school care, Literacy and learning centre and development programmes for the children.

You can get involve to donate a shoe box which consist of Toiletries, stationery, clothing item, toy and something sweet or by just volunteering.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 424 9296
FB: My Earth Community

Twitter: @Myearthcommunity

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gender quality should not matter whether you are male or female, everyone should have equal opportunity that should be equity- Sakhisizwe Building The Nation- Bou Die Nasie.   

I spoke to Carryn Rensie from Mosaic. Mosaic started in 1993 and is an organisation that works with domestic abuse and sexual violence. The organisation was established by a single social worker who saw the need to assist women who were victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Mosaic works hand in hand with other organisations that fights for the same cause and offer programmes such as Social Service, Court Support, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Training & Development and Engaging Men and Boys and all there services is provided free of charge.

Mosaic helps to reunite the whole family and not just the females. As men also goes through abuse, but just goes unreported.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 761 7585

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Changing Lives…


Health Care, Food, Water and Social Security.

I spoke to Estee Du Toit from Pebbles Projects. Pebbles Projects is 12years in the making and the project was started off to focus on FASD, but than realise children in the Winelands Farming communities are not just affected by FASD but have special needs in general.

Pebbles Project has a 5 pillar programme, education, health, communities, nutrition and protection.

If you want to get involve simply go on there website and make a difference in a child’s life.

The 29 October 2016, Pebbles Project will be having a community netball and soccer day for the whole family.

For more information contact:

Tel: 021 865 1000 / 082 924 3550

Making A Contribution To Refugee Well-Being, Self-Reliance And Social Cohesion- Sakhisizwe Building The Nation-Bou Die Nasie

Today I spoke to Mr.B and Magandela Mbali from Aresta (Agency for Refugee Education, Skills Training and Advocacy).
ARESTA provides education and skills training to refugees, asylum seekers and South Africans, helping them develop their own strengths in order for them to become self-reliant.

Aresta has a new programme in place HIV/AIDS, where they provide free counselling and assistance to health care to assist refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. The service is offered free for testing and counselling, however you need to pre book for testing.

ARESTA will be having a Soccer Tournament the 29 October 2016, at 9:00 at the Mfuleni Stadium.

For more information contact:

Address: 3 Beverley Street, Athlone CBD, 7764.
Tel: 021 696 5764
       081 004 8787
       073 586 1512

       071 183 8918