Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Wednesday-Gender- Armoury Boxing Club graced us with their presents.

ON our show today we had a very interesting guest ,Alisa Ramsey manager at the Armoury Boxing club that only based in Cape Town for now. We spoke about the beauty of seeing more females in boxing, how does it really feels to be in a male dominated field. She mentioned that in September they had a training that specifically focused on women in boxing, they plan to have these regularly. She added that as the manager she need to make sure that all the fights take place and that everything in the club runs smoothly. In the boxing club they have about 40-50% of female boxers and she adds that they accommodate everyone that's interested in boxing including the young ones.
Here's a bit of a background of the club.

This isn't your ordinary faceless gym – like the name says it's a boxing club, which means great workouts, progressive learning and hard earned reward in a friendly, motivating environment. No posing, no nonsense.

Back in the day, in prohibition USA, illicit Fight Nights were held in National Guard armouries and here we are, in a beautifully renovated old armoury building with character and soul, reliving the heritage. Authentic, that's the mark of the place. Bare facebrick walls, wooden beams, leather punch bags gently swinging from black steel trusses and two rings, one centre stage, offset by stylish decor, grand pugilistic artwork and a panelled lounge snuck out the back, with leather studded furniture, black and white tiled floors, a library and chandeliers.

If you are interested in boxing please visit them on TEL | 021 461 9141

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