Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights-You too have the right to protest

Today on the show we spoke to Busi Mtabane and Murray from Right2Know, the conversations that we had were round the question of "what is the right way to protest".We found out that protesting is indeed legal it can be found in The Regulation of Gatherings Act,1993. The Gathering Act is the South African law that regulates matters associated with gatherings that express any form of protest, contest or criticism in a public space. If one is planning a protest , one needs to have a purpose and a super objective on the protest. Murry mentioned that you do not need permission to go on a protest but what you do need is good planning and addressing the time of the protest before hand to the people that will be protesting with you.Now what we also needed to know was ,what is the difference between a strike and protest.They elaborated saying , a strike is when a group of workers  in a working environment strike for a better wage or whatever the case my be. Protesting is when a group of people in the community come together to voice out their voices by marching and going from point one to two with. If you would like more information about this, the Right2Know has a booklet that they hand out which consist of all the right things to do when you are planning a protest. Visit:www,r2k.org.za or infor@r2k.org.za. 

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