Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights-Keeping the roads safe as we approach the festive season

On today's show we spoke to Western Cape Provincial Traffic chief , Kenneth Afrika regarding insuring the people on their safety on the roads as we approach the festive season. We cant run away from the fact that in December the number of death on the road increases.The conversations we had were around the fact that people should not drive under the influence of alcohol as it puts not only the person driving at risk but as well as the passengers. Kenneth mentions that if you are caught driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, with substances that you not suppose to have with you then you will be arrested immediately. He adds that it has been observed that accidents are most likely to happen with the people that are driving long distances and the reason to it is because the drivers do not REST in between. It is advised that if you are driving a long distance please rest every after 2 hours and continue with the journey again.  If you do not rest Kenneth says the traffic officers might stop you and park the car for aleast 4 hour then you can drive again. If you are caught under the influence of anything on Friday , you are most likely to be arrest until Monday or further. Please drive safely this festive season and avoid speed as well as drinking and driving. If you would like to report someone on the matter above please call 021 021 406 8822 

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