Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday-Arts and Culture-Theatre

On today's show i looked at the UHM production staged at Artscape , director Koleka Patuma came to speak to us more about itHere's a bit of background about the production as well as the team .

The Papercut Collective, a theatre-making group consisting of the University of Cape Town Drama Department's 2014 graduating class of Theatre Making students, will present their award-winning production, UHM, at the Artscape Arena this December. Facilitated by the UCT Drama Department and the Little Theatre, UHM was originally created for the 2014 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Its run at the festival earned UHM the Best Student Writing Award.
Directed by Koleka Putuma and written by Alex McCarthy and Callum Tilbury, UHM is a madscape collision between history and the present, the unconscious and the real world. The historical figures of Queen Victoria (Kathleen Stephens), Cecil John Rhodes (Callum Tilbury) and Sol Plaatje (Jason Jacobs) go to battle over the soul of Coceka (Sive Gubangxa), a young black woman living in contemporary South Africa, much to the dismay of her boyfriend, Tony (Alex McCarthy).
UHM explores the English language and its history of colonialism, which has left a string of problems in its wake. With South Africa still in a state of questioning limbo while her people try to decipher the grey areas between race, language, and culture, UHM combines a theatrical exploration of these issues with a highly entertaining story. The production is designed by Jason Jacobs and Kathleen Stephens.
UHM runs at the Artscape Arena from 3 - 13 December 2014 and bookings can be made through Computicket
It closes tomorrow evening please do go and see it !

Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday-Arts and Culture-Poetry with Music.

Today's show consisted of nothing but good music and poetry , complimenting  all that the message that was spread was positive and up-lifting in the community. In studio with me today i was joined in studio by a young inspirational group called Anointed Youth Movement.  They come from Nyanga , a township that they claim has been nothing but support in their group and has also contributed to making Anointed Youth Movement the group that it is today. The Movement was formed in 2013 within the movement they do drama,dance and of-corse  music and poetry. They sing acapella and i must say they are very good at what they do. Their sound is different and unique.
Thanks to all the members that made it in studio.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday-ACTIVATE Exchange! Leadership skills to our young people!

On todays show i spoke to  the Communications Manager at the ACTIVATE Exchange program-Nelisa Ngqulana.  ACTIVATE! is a network of young leaders equipped to drive change for the public good across South Africa. Connecting youth who have the skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges and initiate innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.They have an event on the 29th November 2014, the hashtag will be #ACTIVATE!Exchange 
Where:YMCA Athlone,Dr Abdurahman Avenue,Kewton,Athlone 
When:29th NOvemnber 2014 ,10am-2pm
 - See more at:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday-Gender-16 Days of activism ..lets make it 365 days of activism.

Today's show was dedicated to celebrating 16 days of activism against women and children. The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children is an international campaign. It takes place every year from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) to 10 December (International Human Rights Day). The period includes Universal Children’s Day and World AIDS Day.
During this time, the South African Government runs a 16 Days of Activism Campaign to make people aware of the negative impact of violence on women and children and to act against abuse. We are firmly committed to lead a coordinated effort to sustain the campaign into its next decade.
Every year, government, civil-society organisations and the business sector work together to broaden the impact of the campaign. By supporting this campaign, thousands of South Africans have also helped to increase awareness of abuse and build support for victims and survivors of abuse.
On today's programme i spoke to Letichia Carelse from Childline , she spoke about the counseling that they offer to children who have been abused or experienced abuse in their households.  They mentioned that their services are free and that please dial the number 08000 55 555 for help. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights-Racism in South Africa

Today's programme was very informative and educational as usual.In south Africa there has been alot of cases that has been reported to acts of racism and we thought by understanding what racism is. South African Human Rights Commission spokesperson Issac Mangena explained to us what racism is and how it can be dealt with. One of questikn we had for him was that of black people calling each other by the "K" word and if thats still be racist. He went on explaining that  if you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel insulted by someone calling you by a racist name regardless of the race they are, then its still a human right violation and can be reported.If you have countered racism please visit
General information:

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday-Health-Clinic Service delivery!

Today on the show i was joined in studio by Cherly Steyn deputy director for primary health care service Khayelitsha\Eastern Sub-structure, together with Sister Mimi Diki from the Woodstock clinic. We were having conversations about the poor service that people in our communities seem to encounter when they go to the clinic\day hospital. Cherly mentioned that the new system that they have implemented in Woodstock clinic , which is a slip\piece of small paper that requires you to write your complaint on the service. They added that the manager of the clinic then takes these complaints and try to address them to the stuff and improve on them. They stated that it is very important that people fill those in as it helps to in-better the services. Cherly also added that people shouldn't have to wait for hours to be assisted in clinic and if that happens it needs to be reported immediately. People need to know the sections that they have in clinic as well to avoid waiting in the wrong section eg;if you are there for testing and you wait with the people that are there to collect medicine.You need to ask the receptionist , always ask .If you have been treated badly in a day hospital\clinic please do inform us as we will take that further.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Wednesday as we speak about Gender related issue!

Today i marked a very interesting day, one of the best interviews i had on the show with Patrick Godana from Sonke Gender Justice(whom we have every Wednesday).So the conversation we had was around the fact that Sonke Gender Justice is appealing for a national strategic plan to prevent gender based violence. As we approach the 16 days of activism ,patrick say that Sonke is not happy and will not pay much attention to it. As it takes place every year yet we still face gender based violence in South Africa and the celebration still take place. The question he asked is , what are we celebrating when the number of court cases of gender based violence are being thrown out of the court because the isn't enough evidence. Patrick adds that people need to pay attention to the fact that our women and children continue to be murdered and we are still without a proper plan as to how do we approach this as a country and to find ways to address that this is wrong. Hence why Sonke will be marching on the 27th November 2014,the purpose of the march is to demand a national strategic for gender based violence plan. The march is for people that believe in gender equality as well as people that are affected by gender based violence or have experienced one. It will happen in Cape Town on the 27th November and in other places like KZN,JHB it will take place on the 25th November 2014. More details about the march are to follow.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights-Keeping the roads safe as we approach the festive season

On today's show we spoke to Western Cape Provincial Traffic chief , Kenneth Afrika regarding insuring the people on their safety on the roads as we approach the festive season. We cant run away from the fact that in December the number of death on the road increases.The conversations we had were around the fact that people should not drive under the influence of alcohol as it puts not only the person driving at risk but as well as the passengers. Kenneth mentions that if you are caught driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, with substances that you not suppose to have with you then you will be arrested immediately. He adds that it has been observed that accidents are most likely to happen with the people that are driving long distances and the reason to it is because the drivers do not REST in between. It is advised that if you are driving a long distance please rest every after 2 hours and continue with the journey again.  If you do not rest Kenneth says the traffic officers might stop you and park the car for aleast 4 hour then you can drive again. If you are caught under the influence of anything on Friday , you are most likely to be arrest until Monday or further. Please drive safely this festive season and avoid speed as well as drinking and driving. If you would like to report someone on the matter above please call 021 021 406 8822 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday-Arts and Culture-Poetry wins!!

Today we had a very interesting show , we spoke to a young poet\musician by the name of Kyle Allan. This young artist first released his poetic album the year 2013 in October, being the diverse artist he is .On the album which is titled Influences he combined a variety of musical genres including kwaito,jazz, R&B,house,as well as Maskanda. He has been around enough to share the stages with the likes of HHP,Mak Manaka as well as many other amazing artist in South Africa. He added that he sees South African poets far in the near future and that music and poetry is like peanut-butter and jam,We had fun.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday-Gender -Heavens Shelter House needs your help!

Today it is a Wednesday that means we spoke all things related to gender issue. On today's show we we joined in studio by Crystal Delport from Heaven Helping Hands they are lending a had to the Heavens Shelter House which is based in Mitchells Plain.

Heavens Helping Hands is a group of students from CPUT(Cape Peninsula  University of Technology in cape town, this project is to arrange an event linked in with 16 days of activism against violence and abuse against women and children. Crystal being on of the students elaborated on why they choose to help this specific shelter. After the research that they did about all the different shelter we have in cape town they observed that the Heavens Shelter House cares for abused and abandoned women and children. They also identified that the shelter is in dire need of assistance and their biggest need as the moment is to raise at least R20 000.00 towards their long over due water account. She adds that their plan is to build a hygienic sandpit for the children to play in,various internal maintenance like fixing showers , wall and floor tiles and other necessary things in the shelter. They will be hosting a Outreach Day , the idea behind this day is to give these kids and women a day filled with laughter that every child and women deserves. This event is unfortunately not open for the public;for the residents in the shelter . However if you would like to help contribute to making this day extra special for them then you are more than welcome to contact Crystal on 021 483 6945.       

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Institution For the Advancement of the Disabled_Human Rights.

Today we also spoke to Vivian Lunika and Patience Lunika founders of an new organisation named (IFAD) Institution for the advancement of the Disabled) which is based in Khayelitsha. They started this NPO with one goal in mind and that is to help children s with disabilities in the community be able to go to school. They are saying as a parent with a disabled child do not hide them and not allow them to play or go to school. They help these kids with self-esteems, empower them to dream bigger.Patience and Vivian are currently working from home and they are making a huge different in their community . If you would like to get a hold of them please feel free to visit IFADSA on Facebook. 

Tuesday-Human Rights-You too have the right to protest

Today on the show we spoke to Busi Mtabane and Murray from Right2Know, the conversations that we had were round the question of "what is the right way to protest".We found out that protesting is indeed legal it can be found in The Regulation of Gatherings Act,1993. The Gathering Act is the South African law that regulates matters associated with gatherings that express any form of protest, contest or criticism in a public space. If one is planning a protest , one needs to have a purpose and a super objective on the protest. Murry mentioned that you do not need permission to go on a protest but what you do need is good planning and addressing the time of the protest before hand to the people that will be protesting with you.Now what we also needed to know was ,what is the difference between a strike and protest.They elaborated saying , a strike is when a group of workers  in a working environment strike for a better wage or whatever the case my be. Protesting is when a group of people in the community come together to voice out their voices by marching and going from point one to two with. If you would like more information about this, the Right2Know has a booklet that they hand out which consist of all the right things to do when you are planning a protest. Visit:www, or 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday-Heath-World Prematurity Day 17th November!

Today on the show we spoke to Julie Gibson from the Newborn Groote Schuur Trust.World Prematurity Day is observed on 17 November each year to raise awareness of preterm birth and the concerns of preterm babies and their families worldwide.Approximately 15 million babies are born preterm each year, accounting for about one in 10 of all babies born worldwide.
Julie mentioned that in Goote Schuur hospital they will be celebrating the day is style, they urge people in the community on that day to wear something purple in support of the World Premetutiry Day. They will welcome anyone in the community thats interested in knitting caps for babies that are born premature. If you find your self in around Salt River or Observaty please make your way to the Groote Schuur hospital, she added that they will open their doors at 07h00 till 2pm.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Thursday-Labour-Solar energy considered to be the future for South Africa.

If you are in Cape Town and over the weekend had experienced blacks-outs  then i suggested you consider Solar in your home says Tiann. Tiaan De Jager the co-founder of GreenFin , GreenFin is a company that offers great financial support to anyone that wants to go solar but cant afford it. Tiaan added because we are in Africa we have a lot of sun therefore solar is always enhanced which makes it a befit for South African . Here's a bit of background about GreenFin.

GreenFin was established by South Africans, for South Africans. Established in Cape Town in 2012, GreenFin has quickly branched out to the rest of South Africa through its online presence and can service anybody in South Africa.

Very few South Africans have the ability to pay for green energy solutions in cash. GreenFin provides alternative payment solutions to those individuals who realise the need to change togreen energy sooner rather than later. GreenFin provides you with the means to do that NOW and reap the benefits of doing so much sooner. GreenFin has partnered with a wide network of trusted solar and alternative energy providers. This means that you would not be duped into installing inferior products that fail within a few years or that does not deliver the required energy bill reduction.
With GreenFin´s easy application process, you could have your energy solution installed with no down payment. GreenFin offers an easy application process, flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates.  In fact, we can structure your monthly installment to be the same or even less than your current electricity bill! 
For more information visit:

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Wednesday-Gender- Armoury Boxing Club graced us with their presents.

ON our show today we had a very interesting guest ,Alisa Ramsey manager at the Armoury Boxing club that only based in Cape Town for now. We spoke about the beauty of seeing more females in boxing, how does it really feels to be in a male dominated field. She mentioned that in September they had a training that specifically focused on women in boxing, they plan to have these regularly. She added that as the manager she need to make sure that all the fights take place and that everything in the club runs smoothly. In the boxing club they have about 40-50% of female boxers and she adds that they accommodate everyone that's interested in boxing including the young ones.
Here's a bit of a background of the club.

This isn't your ordinary faceless gym – like the name says it's a boxing club, which means great workouts, progressive learning and hard earned reward in a friendly, motivating environment. No posing, no nonsense.

Back in the day, in prohibition USA, illicit Fight Nights were held in National Guard armouries and here we are, in a beautifully renovated old armoury building with character and soul, reliving the heritage. Authentic, that's the mark of the place. Bare facebrick walls, wooden beams, leather punch bags gently swinging from black steel trusses and two rings, one centre stage, offset by stylish decor, grand pugilistic artwork and a panelled lounge snuck out the back, with leather studded furniture, black and white tiled floors, a library and chandeliers.

If you are interested in boxing please visit them on TEL | 021 461 9141

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

TUESDAY -Human Rights-We are celebrating Disability Awareness Month.

TODAY on the show we spoke to Julian Moses National Programme Manager at the Disabled People South Africa(DPSA). As we all should know that from the 3rd November-3rd December we are celebrating people with disability in South Africa as well as bringing awareness about all the different types of disabilities that we have.Julian  from DPSA mentioned almost all the disabilities that we have all the different physical disabilities such as hearing, blind as well as being in a wheelchair . She also touched based on the uncommon rather not seen  or you can say over looked disabilities such mental, learning as well as epilepsy.

Today i found out that unemployment among disabled people is also a problem as Julian explained that she has come across people with disability that have qualification for a job but are not employed.She also added that some of the people with disability  prefer or would rather would go to work than wait for the grant every month  as it is  sometimes not enough.

If you would like to know more about the rest of the different disabilities  and to also get involved you can always visit.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wensday-GENDER_Parkwood Women , Care and share.

I have found a new inspiration. On today's show i spoke to an inspirational women from Parkwood.Sandra Phillis is a 53 years women that runs a women empowerment support group out of her own pocket. In order for her to sustain the ladies that come for talks two days a week at her home she need to sell second hand clothes so they can at least have coffee and biscuits after each session.Ms Phillips started the support group for women last year and it has been a home for all ever since. She mentions that these women come at  her house to share their pain and hopefully find solutions to their problem , which in most cases are finance, abuse, as well as substance abuse at home.  She adds that they come together to share these issues as well as to encourage each other. What was so beautiful about the interview is that i asked the question , what inspires you to do this?  She basically had no words other than "it feels right to do this i really don't know why i do this".

However on the 27th September 2014 in Parkwood she planned an event for the women to celebrate Spring in style, she says that the event is all about these women dressing up and celebrating spring and celebrating them as women . She adds that she wants  them to feel beautiful on the day.Today is her birthday HAPPY BIRTH DAY Ms Phillips .

If you are inspired and would like to help out please call Bush Radio on 021 448 5450 or simply comment on this and i will contact you.

By:Lazola Solani 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights_LEAP Receives a new Project called- Learn English Audio!

TODAY is indeed Tuesday which means the programme focused on all things related to Human Right issues in South Africa.Now on today's show we spoke to Troy Martens- she was here to tell us more about the newly launched Learn English Audio project at LEAP .

LEAP is a project which seeks to empower teachers from remote and under resourced schools in nine African countries with tools to improve their English listening and speaking skills, while tremendously enhancing and supporting learners’ comprehension of oral and written language. This will be achieved through quality English learning materials on micro-SD cards delivered via solar powered MP3 players popularly known as ‘Life players’.Furthermore LEAP is an initiative aimed at improving low literacy and numeracy rates consistent with the findings of the Annual National Assessments which have identified gaps.

 Thanks to Angie Motshekga Minister of Basic Education as well as British High Commissioner to South Africa Judith Mcgregor. To get more information on this please visit Mother@bushradio.

By:Lazola Solani

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday -Health_ Heart Awareness month 2014

ALSO on the show today we had Gabriel Eskteen From the Heart and  Stroke Foundation to talk to us  about the Heart Awareness month . The Heart and Stroke foundation is offering free blood pressure test  during the month of September 2014.They are urging people to get tested to prevent heart attacks , they are also education people on all the heart diseases. South Africa has a high rate of high blood pressure and some people are not even aware of having heart diseases. Save your life before it is too late and visit The heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa.

Moday-Health-Hysterectomies are over prescribed by doctors

Hello everyone , on our show today we spoke to Dr Trudie Smith a Gynecologist  with regards to Hysterectomy being over prescribed by doctors . One of my questions was what exactly is Hysterectomy, she continued to explain that it is when you remove your womb to prevent any menstruation. Women that have heavy  menstrual blood flow tend to want to stop any kind of menstruation. She also mentioned that people should use Hysterectomy  only when its necessary.If you know that you have similar situation please visit to give you more information on the topic.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday -Human Rights _ "I , AFRIKANER"

Today we had a very interesting guest Annalet Steenkamp , Director\Camera director\Co-producer of the film I AFRIKANER an award winning documentary.


Nearly 20 years after South Africa's democracy, I, Afrikaner: an intimate family saga filmed over a near decade. It's the story of four generations and their response to an ever-changing inner and outer landscape.

Filmed over 9 years, I, AFRIKANER, is a challenging and intimate portrait of a filmmaker’s family trapped in an unsolvable conflict.

Set in rural South Africa where land is a highly contentious issue and violence against white farmers is endemic, the film journeys into how four generations deal with change in a post Apartheid era. Her grandmother, who leaves the farm after an attack; her brother and sister-in-law as they push forward with the traditional Afrikaner dream of farming commercial land; and her young niece, whose post-Apartheid upbringing and views are tested when tragedy comes to the farm.For more information please visit .

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday - Out of the Dark Ages

The Labia is one of the oldest cinemas in Cape Town. Ludi Kraus is the owner of the theatre, that has recently sourced crowd funding in order to finance the switchover form analogue to digital projectors. We called Ludi, as he has another crowd-funding project; this time friends of the Labia came to him suggesting to look for crowd-funding in order to give the theatre the makeover it needs (e.g. digital sound system and upgrading the interior). Ludi also told us that it is much needed as in some of the seats people need seat belts in order to be able to remain in the seat.  

Click here if you'd like to read more about the crowd-funding campaign.

images are courtesy of 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday - #10dayspaternityleave

Financial Manager Henri Terblanche recently started a campaign that will see men being able to have a 10-day paternity leave. The non-for-profit organisation National Council of Provinces (NCOP) has acknowledged the petition and we spoke to Wessel van den Berg from the MenCare programme of NCOP. Wessel said that the 10-day paternity leave will helpthe relationship between the father and newborn, as both will have time to establish a bond. More importantly, Wessel said, is that it will relieve the mother, as the father would be able to help her out. He also told us about a recent case in which a same-sex male couple at UCT was only allowed 6 days leave between them. Wessel think it's great that there is a buzz for the matter now, but thinks that it will take a couple of years before a 10-day paternity leave will be enshrined in law.

There are countries in Scandinavia that have a very progressive policy when it comes to paternity leave. In Sweden for instance, men and women are allowed 60-days off each and then have the possibility of sharing 360 days amongst the mother and the father (source: Guardian, 2013).    

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday - How you can save a life

Today we chatted to Samantha Volschenk from the Organ Donor Foundation, an organisation that creates awareness around organ donation. She told us that 1 organ donor can save 7 lives by donating 5 solid organs (2 kidneys, your lungs, liver, heart, pancreas), but also that you can improve the quality of life of up to 57 lives by donating your tissues. South Africa was actually the first country in the world where a heart transplant took place (in the Groote Schuur Hospital).

In SA there are over 4,000 people awaiting an organ and cornea transplan.

If you would like to know more before deciding whether or not you want to become an organ donor and want to read more info about the Organ Donor Foundation just visit their website or call toll free: 0800 22 66 11.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday - Sakhisizwe Mandela Day special

Today is Mandela Day, the day during which we honour Madiba and everything he stood for. On this day we, at Bush Radio, like many others in more than 120 nations around the world, dedicated 67 minutes to a good deed. We broadcast Sakhisizwe from outside our studio building. One of the themes of this Mandela Day is food security and that is why we gave free soup and sandwiches to the many passers-by (some of whom you can see on the pictures below).

Click here if you want to find out more about Mandela Day.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday-Human Rights_ Right2Know! presents Vula'Ma Connexion Community Workshops

Today on show  we spoke to -John Haffner from the Right2Know community House in Salt River. The Right2Know presents

Vula’Ma Connexion a campaign that has spent much of the year advocating for a change in many ways in which Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) are delivered to the people.They will be running workshops in three province Cape Town 17th July, Durban 22nd July, Johannesburg 29th July 2014 .The Campaign targets all south Africans in hope that we will be able to connect with all our loved one from afar even of we don't have airtime nor data communication . The workshop is to workshop ideas in which we can make all this possible. For more information please visit
campaign’s website.OR email

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday -Health- How MMC can be beneficial.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is spreading wildly – at a rate of 1,400 new infections in South Africa every day - according to NGOs. Half of those affected will not be treated and therefore won’t survive. TB expert Prof. Robin Wood commented on this saying that the impact can be limited by medical male circumcision (MMC). Today we called Dr. Don Pupuma (a family physician in private practice in Soweto, who conducts MMCs on a regular basis) about this issue. 

If you'd like to read more about MMC, you can do so on the website of the Western Cape government

Prof. Wood is Director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre at the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine at UCT. More info about him can be found here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday -Arts and Culture- Street Dreams

Today in studio  we were joined in studio by Mbovu Malinga from the Ithemba Labantu Community Centre . He was here to tell us about the Production Street Dreams , which is a performance that includes dance , poetry, sing and so much more. MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCTION....

STREET DREAMS IS an original play
written and performed by a company of young people from
An original play written and performed by 60 young people from Philippi, Nyanga,
Khayelitsha and Crossroads Townships, about their hopes, dreams, fears and perceptions of the world they live in.
This ensemble collage plays explores the lives of 60 young people aged 14 - 19 from
the Townships of Cape Town. Using original poetry, songs, stories and spoken word
drama this play reveals the unique, creative and passionate thoughts and feelings of
young people living with the challenges of today...but dreaming of tomorrow.

All the shows are for free from the 11 July -13th July 2014 , each shows have their different venue if you are interested and would love to attend . Please contact

Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday -Health -Breast Care book out NOW!

We closed the show with Dr Jenny Edge and Prof Dave Woods  -Were they were talking about the new book , Breast Care which helps nurses , midwives and other primary care practitioners to understand , recognize and manage most common and important breast conditions . The chapters in the book cover the normal breast from birth through puberty , pregnancy , maturity and menopause. It also consist of practical chapters were they have sketches  and guideline on how normal breast look and the difference during pregnancy . Good thing about the book is that it is available free online .If you would like to read more about the book please visit

Monday-Health- Home Birth

Today on the show we started the day by talking  to Lana Petersen and Ruth Ehrhard  midwives from the Home Birth South Africa . The interview was with regards to the gathering that is yet to be held on the 17th August 2014 , the gathering is for those who have given birth at home , for those who have wanted home births, those who are planning a home birth or thinking about it . This gathering also invites pupils whos  home births did not go as they wished , as this is an informal event of sharing and being able to have your questions answered as well as your stories to be heard. We also got the opportunity to ask questions such the safety of home birth and its relevance in today's society .It was mentioned that Home birth is valid and safe yet overlooked birthing option, the main of the interview was to broaden peoples options during pregnancy and to have more information on home birth .   For more information please visit or call 021 557 9070 . 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday -Labour_children have the right to play !!!

Today on our show we spoke to- Cebo Kutuka ,Assistant Director at the Department of Labour. His was here to tell us about The Child Labour Programme of Action (CLPA) ,he also mentioned children should not do chores that are performed for a long period of time. The highlight of the interview was that people need to be aware that this is  another form of exploitation of children and people need to be aware of this .However not all work  done by children is considered as Child Labour but the is a limit. 
To get involved or if you have any questions please Visit .

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wensday -Gender_Celebrating fathers!

Today it is Wednesday which really means we are talking about all matters related to Gender. On our show we spoke to -Patrick Godana from the Sonke Gender Justice , the message he was spreading today was that  we need to celebrate all fathers that are doing good in taking take of their families. He also gave guidelines on how to be a good father and added that all you need is to love your kids and accept them as they are . for more information on health for men related issues please visit-

Monday, June 09, 2014

Mens Health Week 9-15th June

We also got the previledge of talking to -Dr Martin De Villers ,a  physician and Executive Manager at the Independent Clinical Onocology Network (ICON). He told us about the Mens Health Week which starts on the 9-15th June 2014. The point that he was trying to emphasize was the fact that men need to take their health more seriously. For more information    

Monday-Health -World Blood Donor Day on the 14th June 2014

Today in shakhisizwe we spoke to -Vanessa Raju from the South African National Donor Service, with regards to the World Donor day that is on the 14th June 2014. Vanessa briefly told us about the World Donor Day , how one can became a donor as well as the process you have to follow. She highlighted that part of the reason they have this day is  to raise awareness of the need for safe blood, to thank and honour those blood donors who make transfusion possible and to encourage regular blood donation by suitable donors.for more information please visit.-

Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday -Arts and Culture _Redefining Afrikanism !

On todays show we spoke to -Ziphozakhe Mhlume one of the founders of the Redefining Afrikanism Movement. Based in Cape Town, this movement recently started last month when they had their first event about Afrika Day on the 25th May 2014.Ziphozakhe also mentioned that part of the reason the why they started this movement was to have Afrika Day everyday. As a result they have workshops , sessions and debates on self identity as African and what it means to us . They also have open space for  these discussions  in Khayelitsha which is also open to anyone that would like to join in their discussions. For more information please visit

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Thursday- Labour -Departmenrt of Labour invites All Domestic Workers for public hearing around the country

We also spoke to -Steven Rathayi from the Department of Labour with regards to the Three-year Sectoral Determination governing the minmum wages for Domestic Workers in South Africa is coming to an end this year. The Department of Labour is hosting a month-long series of Domestic Workers Public hearings to allow all workers to have a  say in the determination of their new wage structure and other conditions of employment.The hearing began on the 2nd June 2014 to conclude on the 29th June 2014. For any one that is around Khayelitsha please get more information about the next hearing as it promises to be that side soon . for more information please visit

Better Living Challange! for all design students

Today on our show we spoke to - Fran Cox Project Manager for the Better living challenge .A  
competition that calls for designers and innovators to showcase ideas and concepts that are innovative, affordable and environmentally sustainable.The due date for application was on the 31st May 2014 , Fran also added that this challenge will be beneficial to the community as it will help build houses that are affordable, safe as well as comfortable to live in. The competition was open to professional designers and well as back-yardinventors who have a concept or an existing product.for more information

Monday, June 02, 2014

Monday Health - World No Tobacco Day 2014

We also spoke to Gabriel Eskeen - A dietition and health promotion officer from the Heart and Stroke foundation. He spoke to us about the World No Tobacco day which was on the 31st May 2014, the dangers of smoking and the significance of the Day . If someone would like to find more information or get advise on how to quit smoking.Please visit

Today on our show we spoke to-

Andrea du Plessis is a registered dietician (B.Sc Dietetics; M.Phil Exercise Science) with a passion for healthcare through nutrition, natural remedies, and a healthy lifestyle. As head of customer care at Vital, she shares her knowledge on nutritional supplements and natural healthcare with regular radio talks and educational workshops, magazine articles, and on television. We spoke with regards to obesity amongst women , reason to that and how can we prevent it. She also gave tips on how to eat healthy this winter. For more information on the subject and more get her on twitter (@andreaduplessis) facebook- Andres Du Plessi or check her website-

Friday, May 30, 2014

Arts, Culture & Encironment - Catch the annual Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival at the Baxter Concert Hall

In today's show, we spoke to Ann Baar – Organiser of the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival. It kicked off yesterday with some performances by bands like the SACS Junior School Jazz Band and Beau Soleil Music Centre and will continue today and tomorrow. The Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival 2014 is being held at the Baxter Concert Hall from Wednesday the 28th to 31st of May. Tickets are R90 for the general public and R45 for students and seniors. They can be purchased over the phone at 083 915 8000 or online at

Soundz of the South to host hip-hop & poetry event & Arts Update

We also spoke to Khusta Sijora - From Soundz of the South. Soundz of the South or SOS is a network of activists who use hip-hop and poetry to spread revolutionary messages, raise consciousness and critique neo-liberalism. The aim of the network is to facilitate and encourage a process of self-organisation against neoliberalism within communities as part of the broader struggle to emancipate us all. We were talking about an event they are hosting at Khayelitsha Wetlands Park in Makhaza on Sunday. It starts at 1PM till 6PM. Entrance is Free. Please note this event will be moved indoors if it rains. Artists, Activists and the community are invited to come and share their contributions in the form of poetry, music and thought. Graffiti/Stencil art session: They will be developing stencils at this event. People are encouraged to bring canvas or T-shirts. Please note: This event is family friendly thus alcohol free. Freedom Warriors Vol. 2 and Words of a Rebel Sistah(s) CDs will be available for sale. For more information contact Khusta on 079 028 3216 alternatively send an email to

Venue : University of the Western Cape, DL 2.

Nigel Vermaas was Instudio for the Arts update.

Nigel & Busi

Sylvestre bids farewell to Busi

We closed off with Sylvestre Kabassidi – Musician. He is said to be a rebel with a sensitive soul whose music breaks stereotypes and takes African song into a new dimension. Armed with acoustic guitar and accompanied by percussion and rich vocals, Sylvestre is part of a quiet revolution in African music that is passionate, classic, and expressive representing the new generation of African artists. You can catch him live at the Piano Bar. For more information about his music visit

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Labour - Mineworkers Solidarity Tour in the Western Cape

In today's show, we spoke to Ashley Fataar – From the Cape Town Marikana Support Campaign and Molefe Phele - Mine worker. We were talking about the Mineworkers Solidarity Tour in the Western Cape. This week, three Marikana mineworkers and strike-leaders are touring the Western Cape and engaging in a series of cultural and political events in an attempt to raise funds, solidarity and awareness around their plight. For more information contact Mercia Andrews on 082 368 3429 or Ashley Fataar on 076 647 6101.

***Donate online at Gift for the Givers***

***Donations to the Marikana Support Campaign ***

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§  *NOTE: If you are outside South Africa, you’ll need the SWIFT address as well: NEDSZAJJ

Union des Nouveaux Nationalistes du Congo is looking for volunteers

We closed off with Destino Nzonzidi Kazika – From the Union des Nouveaux Nationalistes du Congo or New Nationalists Union of Congo. A group of Congolese students who are located in Cape Town, have started a new organisation which helps or assist Congolese learners who are still in high schools with homework, tutoring, career guidance, bursaries and more. They are looking for volunteers to be part of the organisation. Destino explained more. For further information contact him 084 760 5428 or (021) 465 9028.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gender - Gender Links is hosting Regional SADC Gender Summit

In today's show, we spoke to Katherine Robinson from Gender Links. We were talking about the Regional SADC Gender Summit. The Summit is hosted by Gender Links and the Southern Africa Protocol Alliance under the theme 5050 by 2015 and a stronger post-2015 agenda. The post-2015 forum will also stress the controversial issues that continue to hinder the achievement of gender equality, namely sexual and reproductive health rights, rights concerning sexual orientation and gender identity and persistent high levels of gender based violence. Furthermore, a petition drafted by Gender Links which will be circulated amongst the SADC visitors for signatures to call on the Nigerian government to prioritise the rescue of the 276 Nigerian girls who were recently abducted by Boko Haram. For further information you can contact Katherine on (011) 622 2877 or visit