Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Athlone Volunteer Centre to embark on a door to door Domestic violence awareness campaign

We closed off with Owen Mdledle - Community Liaison Officer for the Athlone Volunteer Centre and volunteers - Frans Jordaan from Mitchell’s Plain and Weon Baek from Canada both are part of the Canadian World Youth exchange program. The volunteer Centre will be embarking on a door to door Domestic violence awareness campaign in the Athlone area which falls under its Sector project that creates a platform for the youth to contribute to the development and wellbeing of the community by focusing on themes such as Domestic violence Substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Invited speakers will talk about the role that substance abuse plays in contributing to Domestic violence and the link between the two, signs of Domestic Violence and how to know were there is Domestic violence. In addition they will also talk more about what their organizations are doing in helping the community with regard to Domestic Violence and Substance abuse. For further information you can contact the volunteer centre on (021) 674 5338 or visit

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