Friday, July 20, 2012

The Photographers Gallery presents "Encounters at the Edge" & Arts Update

We were also joined by David Lurie – International renowned photographer and Naomi Menyoko – From the Photographers Gallery za. David is an established photographer with many major solo exhibitions both in South Africa and abroad.  We were talking about his first solo exhibition currently up at the Photographers Gallery za. The exhibition is said to be strongly centred on architecture, places, spaces, formal and informal dwellings and structures found on the periphery of our urban centres. It explores the living conditions for those living on the edge, as well as the marginalised living in the centre of our society. It is curated by Heidi Erdmann and will travel to Bekris Gallery in San Francisco in November this year. David’s photographs have been selected for two prestigious art fairs, Zurich International Art Fair in October and Miami Photo in December. The exhibition will run till the 25th of August 2012. If you want more information about the exhibition, you can contact the Photographers Gallery za on (021) 422 2762 or visit

Nigel Vermaas - our arts fundi was in with this week's Arts Update.

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