Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24 February - Human Rights

On today’s show, we were also joined in studio by Fatima Daniels – from the Bellville South Home Support Literacy Project which is a project that aims to help eradicate illiteracy and to ensure and enhance skills and educational development of all adult learners. For more information call (021) 951 4370 opr send an email to fatima.daniels@capetown.gov.za
Picture By: Sasha Forbes

We were then joined on the line by Bukelwa Voko – Communications officer for ACESS. ACESS is a non-profit alliance of almost 1 200 children’s sector organisations, who work to provide an efficient and effective social security system in South Africa which is accessible to all poor children, and which ensures their socio-economic rights as guaranteed in the South African Constitution. For more information you can contact (021) 761 0117 or you can visit their website www.acess.org.za
And our last interview was with Imke Gooskens and Liliane– from the Human Rights Media Centre. The Human Right Media Centre is a project that aims to promote an awareness of human rights by allowing organisations and members of different communities to tell their life stories to the public through a variety of media forms and today we spoke about one of their projects called In our shoes which is a 40 minute documentary that focuses on the discrimination of refugees and asylum seekers in Cape Town their everyday experiences. For more information you can contact (021) 761 3303 or send an email to admin@hrmc.org.za

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