Monday, December 18, 2006

18 December – Health

Today we spoke to Charmaine French. Charmaine is from an organisation called Pets as Therapy or PAT. What they do is they take dogs to visit people in places such as hospitals, hospices, retirement homes and special needs schools to bring comfort, pleasure, stress relief and stimulation. For more information you can contact Charmaine at (021) 938 0351.

And we also spoke Nazrina Teladia from The Friends of the Childrens Hospital Association. The association runs a home care program that trains primary caregivers in the tracheotomy and ventilation home care programme. If you want more information about the programme or you want to make donations you can contact Nazrina at 658 5243.

Friday, December 15, 2006

15 December – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today we spoke to Mark Ogilvie from the Zeekoeivlei Environmental Education Programme. The Zeekoeivlei Environmental Education Programme aims to develop community upliftment projects based on environmental and conservation principles, where biodiversity conservation can be seen to generate jobs and drive social development. And they are running a certificated training course for field rangers from January the 8th to the 19th. If you want more information you can contact Mark at 072 183 3772 or email him at

We also spoke to Keith Mackintosh - Ballet Master and head of Audience Development & Outreach Programmes from Cape Town City Ballet Company and Mlindi Kulashe - a young ballet dancer from Nyanga. Mlindi has been chosen to play in the CTCB production of the Nutcracker which is currently showing at the Artscape Theatre. For more information about the outreach programmes you can contact Keith at 650 2400 or email him at

Our last interview was with Thando Mtyhobile. Thando is a recording artist from Kayamandi in Stellenbosch. His debut CD was released last year and is called Thando’s Introduction and now he is busy promoting his second album. We were talking about his music journey and also about the work that he is doing with the Kuyasa Kayamandi Community Project. If you want more information about the album you can contact Leo Crisp at Sisonke Music Productions at 808 8403 or his Cell at 082 095 7999.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

14 December – Labour

Today we spoke to Thozamile Ngcozela from the Department of Transport and Public works. We were talking about the Zenzele Road Maintenance Programme. The Zenzele Road Maintenance Programme aims to improve the existing roads infrastructure by employing community members to conduct routine and periodic road maintenance. If you want more information you can contact department at (021) 483 8773.

We also spoke to Sonja Lawson. Sonja is a Talent Development Manager from Calling the Cape. Calling the Cape was founded to promote and develop the IT-enabled services industry in Cape Town, with a strong initial focus on contact centres. The mandate of Calling the Cape is to create jobs. And they will be running a CADET programme for free in January. The programme consists of 12 weeks formal training and 6months work experience in leading call centers. For more information about the CADET programme you can contact their offices at (021) 715 3256 or visit

Our last interview was with Jan Truter - labour law specialist from Labourwise. We were talking about Pregnancy in the work place. There was a huge debate early this year about how working moms get a raw deal. Jan explained about issues concerning pregnancy and the employer, what is fair and what is not fair, and what is allowed and what is not allowed. According to paragraph 4.2 of the Code of Good Practice on the Protection of Employees during Pregnancy and after the Birth of Her Child no person may be discriminated against or dismissed on account of pregnancy. For more information about Labourwise you can contact their offices at (021) 852 3499 or visit

13 December – Gender

Today we spoke to Faiza Moosa - Director of Public Relations and Communications from Women in Film & Television South Africa. Women in Film and Television South Africa is a national network of women dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women of all backgrounds working in all areas of film, television and other screen-based media. If you want more information you can contact their offices at 794-2286.

We also spoke to Laura Van der Pohl. Laura is from the Community Resource Organisation and they help women in different communities by running a range of empowerment programmes. For more information you can contact the Community Resource Organisation at (021) 447 6757.

Our last interview was with Nazma Hendricks – Rape Crisis Counseling Coordinator. Rape Crisis is one of the oldest and most experienced organisations working within the sphere of violence against women. We were talking about rape incidents over the Festive Season. One of the safety tips that Nazma gave is that at clubs or parties, women must take control of purchasing their own drinks because sometimes perpetrators spike drinks either with Rohypnol and lately Eyegene. The drugs often also affect your memory. So this is an area where one can take control. Bush radio listeners be extra cautious this festive season. For more information about the Rape Crisis you can contact them at 447 5164.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12 December – Human Rights

Today we spoke to Yumna Van der Skyf – from Ons Plek. Ons Plek is the only intake shelter for girls in Cape Town. The girls’ basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, education and love are provided. The children who go to Ons plek are not looking for an identity as former street children but want to be seen as ordinary children. If you want more information about Ons plek you can contact their offices at 465 4829.

We also spoke to Patrick Kulati – Managing Director of the Paraffin Safety Association. The Paraffin Safety Association has recently developed a number of safety education resources directed at the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of harmful paraffin related domestic incidents. For more information you can contact the Paraffin Safety Association at (021) 424 3473.

Our last interview was with Naseegh Jaffer – Director of the Masifundise Development Trust. Masifundise Promotes the right of fishing communities to gain access to marine resources for food security and livelihood purposes and they are also engaged in lobbying and advocacy programmes that seek to influence policy and legislation to protect and advance the human rights of men and women living in traditional and small scale fishing communities through an Integrated Coastal Management Approach. Today they are involved in a protest on Paternoster Beach. The protest is to defy the exclusion of Traditional fishers from the newly introduced fishing policy. For more information about the Masifundise Development Trust you can contact them at (021) 447 5164.

11 December – Health

On Monday we spoke to Khangelani Rawuza– National Manager of the Community Health & Intervention Programmes at the Sports Science Institute of SA. The Community Health Intervention Programmes was introduced to communities in August 1997 in response to the growing prevalence and burden of chronic, non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. For more information about the CHIPS you can contact Khangelani at (021) 659 5629.

We also spoke to Dr Donald Pupuma from OCSACare. OCSACare is a joint venture between Occupational Care South Africa and the CareCross Health Group and they are offering healthcare solutions to employees previously excluded from any private healthcare in order to deliver affordable, private healthcare to the South African workforce. For more information you can contact them at (021) 673 1800.

Our last interview was with Marta Darder from the Doctors without Boarders or Médecins Sans Frontières. MSF is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 80 countries. For more information about the Médecins Sans Frontières you can contact them at (021) 364 5490.

Friday, December 08, 2006

08 December – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today we spoke to Bongani Magutyana – Founding Member of the Siyaya Music Group. Bongani is an accomplished musician and composer. Bongani decided to do something to uplift the young people of his community and he formed a band called Siyaya in 2004 and within a year the group recorded their first CD. For more information about the group you can contact Bongani at (021) 633 5033.

We also spoke to Sylvia Mdunyelwa better known as Mama Kaap, one of Cape Town’s famous Jazz Artist. Mama Kaap will be performing at the Vodacom Jazz on the Rocks concert at Oudekraal in Camps Bay. Jazz on the Rocks, is starting tomorrow the 9th of December.

Our last interview was with Alison Davidson from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development planning. The department is running the cleanest town competition aiming at improving the physical conditions of towns all over South Africa. If you want to know more about the competition you can email Alison at

Thursday, December 07, 2006

07 December – Labour

Today we spoke to Craig O’ Flaherty– Director of the UCT Centre for Coaching. The UCT Graduate School of Business Centre for Coaching has launched South Africa's first year-long Professional Coaching Course, a move that will dramatically increase the options available to individuals wanting to pursue a career in coaching. For more information you can contact the centre at (021) 406 1198 or email

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

06 December – Gender

Today we spoke to Thoko Mbudaza from the Sonke Gender Justice. The Sonke Gender Justice recently launched the “One Man Can” Campaign. The One Man Can Campaign supports men and boys to take action to end domestic and sexual violence and to promote healthy, equitable relationships that men and women can enjoy - passionately, respectfully and fully. Tomorrow the campaign will be officially launched by the United Nations in Geneva. For further information about the campaign please visit Sonke Gender Justice Website at or email them at or call their offices:(011) 544 1900

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

05 December – Human Rights

Today we spoke to Rubin Koetzee from the Chrysalis Academy. The Chrysalis Academy offers a social crime prevention and upliftment programme targeting “youth at risk”. Its aim is to empower young people to take control of their lives and give them the tools to become economically productive and be positive change agents within their communities. For more information about the academy you can contact them at (021) 712 1023.

We also spoke to Kobus van Wyk – manager of the Khanya Project. Khanya is the initiative of the Western Cape Education Department to enhance teaching and learning using information and communications technologies. The project has recently won the prestigious Technology Top 100 Leader in Empowerment Award for 2006. For further information about the project please visit Khanya’s website at or (021) 467 2223.

Our last interview was with Youth Commissioner Rudi Buys. Last Friday the Western Cape Youth Commission announced a Western Cape Youth Campaign Against Crime for a Safer Festive Season. The campaign is a collaborative project between the Western Cape Youth Commission, SAPS, the Department of Community Safety, the City of Cape Town, the Departments of Correctional Services and Justice and local community policing and youth developments forums. If you want to know more about the campaign you can contact the Youth Commission: (021) 466 9504.

Monday, December 04, 2006

04 December – Health

Today we spoke to Millinda Noemdo from the Western Cape Network on Disability. As we know that yesterday was International Day for Persons with Disabilities. Millinda’s orgsnisation is doing a lot to make sure that disabled people have access to the basic needs. For more information about the organisation you can contact them at (021) 637 1204.

We also spoke to Baselwa Lostile from Philani Center. Philani Center runs a Nutrition and Development Project and it operates in nine communities on the outskirts of Cape Town. For further information about their project please contact the center by e-mail: or (021) 387 5124.

Our last interview was with Sister Fiona Mc Curdie - transplant coordinator at Groote Schuur Hospital and she was talking about the importance and the need for organ donation. If you want to register as an organ donor or need more information about organ donation you can call the Organ Donor Foundation Toll Free on 0800 22 66 11 or Log onto their website at

Friday, December 01, 2006

01 December – Arts, Culture and Environment (WORLD AIDS DAY)

Today we spoke to Councilor James Vos – chairperson of the City of Cape Town Health Portfolio Committee. The City of Cape Town launched an exciting HIV/AIDS campaign today in commemoration of the World AIDS Day. The “Get Tested” campaign aims to strengthen the city’s prevention campaign so as to turn off the tap of new HIV infections throughout the city.

We also spoke to Ntombekhaya Nkumanda, Phathiswa Mendu and Nomvuzo Skepe from Laphumilanga. Laphumilanga is a group of twenty six women who were trained in participatory theatre techniques by Mothertongue in April 2006 to explore the intersections between gender based violence and HIV/AIDS. The group has been performing since the 29th of November and the last performance will be on the 8th of December 2006. The force behind this project is Mothertongue. Mothertongue is a collective of women artists founded in 2000 and based in Observatory, Cape Town. Mothertongue’s community development work includes arts based projects in Manenberg, Philipi and now in Khayelitsha. All emphasizing the important role that women can play in transforming their societies and resolving conflicts within them.
For further information please contact Awino Okech by e-mail: or 021 44 77080.

Our third interview was with Edward Copperfield – chairperson of the Langevlei Ratepayers and Residents Civic Association. The residents of the areas surrounding the Langevlei in Retreat have formed the Langevlei Ratepayers and Residents Civic Association in an attempt to preserve nature and banish alcohol induced drowning incidents in the vlei.
If you want to know more about the association you can contact Mr Copperfield: (021) 712 8490 or 072 211 66 89.

The last interview was with Sensei Frank Brandon. Sensei Frank Brandon teaches karate to 80 children in Gugulethu. The school is looking for old and unused karate suits and equipment. If you want to make donations or need more information about the school you can visit their website: or call them at: (021) 689 3855

30 November – Labour

Today we spoke to Noluntu Charles and Lindiwe Nikiswa from Luphumlo Home based Care. The Luphumlo Home Based Care group has only a handful of members and they work from a donated container in the backyard of a church but that does not stop them from helping the community of Joe Slovo settlement near Milnerton. For more information about the work that these dedicated people are doing you can contact the chairperson of the group Sibongiseni Peni: 083 573 8068 or Noluntu: 073 015 7669

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

29 November – Gender

Today we spoke to Jane Bennett– Head of Department at the African Gender Institute. The African Gender Institute has its roots in the humble beginnings of visions of gender and race equality, redistribution of intellectual resources, and the activism and research of some of the first students and faculty at UCT which identified gender dynamics as part of the historical systems of inequity. Some of the institute’s goals include developing theoretical and practical understandings of gender and its importance in the process of social transformation in Africa. For more information about the Institute you can visit

The second interview was with Natalie Johnson – member of Women Demand Dignity. Natalie was talking to us about the Women Demand Dignity (WDD) White Ribbon Awards. The White Ribbon Awards aim to acknowledge and honour those in our communities who are actively making a difference in the fight against violence on women and children. For more information about the awards you can contact Natalie: (021) 441 2766

Our last interview was with Damaris Fritz from Women’s circle. The Women’s circle in Woodstock is empowering women from disadvantaged communities through sustainability programmes, projects and adult education.
For more information about the Women’s circle contact them at: (021) 447 1219

28 November – Human Rights

Today we spoke to Wendy Dennis, founder and chairperson of The Oaks of Righteousness Foundation. The Oaks of Righteousness Foundation has started an after care services, for young people aged between 11 and 18 years. The organization is based in Strandfontein and the services are free. For more information about the Foundation you can contact Wendy: (021) 393 5149

The second interview was with Johanna Khalar – National Director of AIDS Legal Network. The AIDS Legal Network, the triangle project and other NGOs will be hosting a roundtable discussion on Stigma and Discrimination: Barriers to HIV prevention, Testing and Treatment. For more information about the event you can contact the AIDS Legal Network: (021) 447 8435 or visit

Our last interview was with Cheryl Gabriel and Abby Taylor from Konek. Konek is a non-governmental organization and they will be hosting a cross-cultural youth life skills camp for 100 disadvantaged youth from the areas of Ottery and Grassy Park. The organization is asking the community to sponsor the participants. For more information contact Konek: 703 7942

Friday, November 24, 2006

24 November – Arts, Culture and Environment

Today we spoke to Mr Mfundo Nazo from Luhlaza High School. Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha is organising a special gathering of former matriculants at the school. The subject of the event is "Creating and sustaining the school alumni”. For more information about the school alumni you can contact Mr Nazo: (021) 361 3424

The second interview was with Liezel Knoop and Irma Perrins from Youth against Crime organisation. Youth against Crime is an organisation based in Eastridge, Mitchell’s Plain and tomorrow they will be hosting a family fun and sports day at the Dolomites Sports ground in Tafelsig. Liezel is the chairperson of the organisation and Irma is the project co-ordinator.
For more information about the organisation you can contact Liezel: 083 975 5434 or Irma: 076 412 6643

Thursday, November 23, 2006

23 November – Labour

Today we spoke to Patricia Adams and Oscar Smit from Self help Manenberg. The self-help project is running different projects in an effort to uplift the community of Manenberg and surrounding areas. The organization is currently busy looking for school drop-outs who might be interested in the hospitality industry.
For more information contact Patricia: (021) 691 9109

Our second interview was with Margie Tainton from the organization health. The topic that we were discussing is absenteeism at work. Absenteeism is a very serious offence and an employee can be fired if found guilty of that kind of offence.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

22 November – Gender

Today we spoke to Raashied Galant, a “Women and Media” program co-ordinator from Gender Advocacy Program (GAP). According to GAP, the Women and Media Project seeks to address the stereotypical representation of women in the media and the effect this has on the perceptions of women’s ability to lead. The project was established in 1998.
For more information contact GAP: (021) 465 0197

Our second interview was with Nazma Hendricks – Counselling co-ordinator from Rape crisis. Nazma was talking about a very sensitive topic today, male rape. Male rape is far more common than you would think! According to reports between 10 -20 percent of all males will be sexually violated at some point in their lifetimes.
For more information on Rape Crisis and the work that they do in different communities you can visit their website at or contact them at: Observatory (021) 447 1467 Khayelitsha (021) 361 9228 and Manenberg (021) 633 5287

Friday, September 01, 2006


Diarrhoeal Disease Focus Month

PGWC: Child Health (021) 483 4266

Intellectual Disability Awareness Month (Mental Handicap)

Contact: Cape Mental Health (021) 447 9040
SA Federation for Mental Health (011) 781 1852

Health & Nutrition Campaign

Contact: Cancer Association of South Africa (021) 689 5347
PGWC: Nutrition (021) 483 4266

International Endometriosis Awareness Month

Contact: Endometriosis Society of SA (011) 646 0449

World Kidney Day

Contact: National Kidney Foundation of SA (011) 447 2531
PGWC: Chronic Care (021) 483 3071

International Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Contact: Down Syndrome Association (021) 949 0900

World Tuberculosis Day

Contact: PGWC: TB Control Programme (021) 483 5431

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day

Contact: Arthritis Foundation (021) 425 2344

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The South African Constitution guarantees to everyone the right of access to health care services, however despite the fact that the government has taken important initiatives in the health sector many South Africans still do not enjoy affordable and adequate access to health care facilities. The health sector provides many urgent challenges to government and civil society. On the Health segment of SAKHISIZWE Bush Radio is rising to the challenge and creating awareness around (to mention a few of our program coverage), HIV/Aids, Immunisation, Acute Childhood illnesses, Cervical Cancer and other poverty related diseases like tuberculosis and cholera.


Human rights are given clear prominence in the Constitution. Among the rights stipulated are those of equality, freedom of expression and association, political and property rights, housing, healthcare, education, access to information and access to courts. Do you know what your rights are, whether they have been violated and would you know what course of action is open to you if in fact they have been violated ? Every Tuesday we seek to inform and empower you about your rights, whether you have been treated unfairly at you place of work, because of your gender or the language that you speak


The Gender show on Sakhisizwe while it acts in the interest of women, also serves to incorporate and address issues that pertain to men. We look at gender issues in a holistic manner serving not only to provide women with contact details of organisations that would assist them if they find themselves in a negative situation but also delve into why men are abusive and what the effects of their abuse are on their families and themselves as men, husbands and fathers. We also pay particular attention to the most disadvantaged, poverty stricken women ie domestic workers, farmworkers. The overall message of the show is that gender equality starts at home and that we need to value girls and women


One of South Africa’s major challenges is the grave unemployment situation – in a survey that was conducted in 1995 out of 14.4 million economically active adults, 4.2 million were unemployed. Unemployment is higher among the black population and women are most affected at 65%. The Labour show on Sakhisizwe aims to play a significant role in addressing unemployment and poverty by providing pertinent information around the following issues: Domestic workers and their rights, maternity benefits, unfair dismissal BEE and UIf to mention a few


South Africa is a cultural melting pot, full of different ingredients and flavours - Get a taste of this tasty dish on Sakhisizwe’s Arts, Culture and Environment show on Friday from township ballet to African Opera, with a dash of jukskei, kwaito and much, much more. We will also focus on our abundant wildlife wonders and world acknowledged heritage sites.